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US Mortgage News

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2024-06-12 federal-reserve June 12 - 2024 - Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement
2024-06-03 fast-company High Interest Rates Aren't Going Anywhere
2024-05-08 bloomberg US 30-Year Mortgage Rate Falls for First Time Since March
2024-05-03 forbes Fed Offers No Relief from High Mortgage Rates: Today’s Home Loan Rates for May 3, 2024
2024-05-02 cnbc The Federal Reserve holds interest rates steady
2024-04-19 bloomberg Average long-term US mortgage rate climbs above 7% to highest level since late November
2024-04-10 mortgage-news-daily Borrowers Pick Up Pace of Refinancing
2024-04-09 cnbc Mortgage refinance demand surges even as rates cross back over 7%. Here's why
2024-03-13 forbes Mortgage Rates Fall Below 7% In Rare Sign Of Relief For Homebuyers
2024-03-07 cnbc Weekly mortgage demand surges 11% as more homes hit the spring market
2024-01-29 cnbc Tax filing season is here. What you need to know about itemizing, refun
2024-01-18 us-news Boost for Homebuyers: Average Long-Term Mortgage Rate Falls to 6.6%, Lowest Level Since Ma
2024-01-11 us-news Inflation Proves It Is Not Dead Yet as December Rate Hits 3.4% Annually
2024-01-03 cnbc The Fed is expected to cut interest rates in 2024. Here’s how investors can prepare
2023-12-29 cnbc Mortgage rates drop for the ninth week in a row

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US Real Estate News

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2024-05-30 bloomberg US Starts Wide Review of Title, Closing Fees for Mortgages
2024-05-28 cnbc Home sales slipped unexpectedly in April, despite big gains in supply
2024-05-21 cnbc These home remodeling projects offer the highest return on investment in history, report f
2024-04-25 cnbc March homes sales dropped despite a surge in supply
2024-04-16 reuters US homebuilding pulls back; manufacturing turning the corner
2024-03-15 cnbc What the National Association of Realtors' settlement means for consumers and real estate
2023-11-28 us-news New Home Sales Plunged in October as Prices Fell
2023-11-17 us-news U.S. housing starts rise 'unexpectedly' for the second straight month
2023-09-26 bloomberg Home Prices in US Hit Record High, Erasing Recent Decline
2023-06-27 realtor-com 5 Solid Reasons To Buy a House Now, Despite High Rates - and 2 Reasons To Wait
2023-03-02 cnbc Mortgage demand from homebuyers drops to a 28-year low
2023-03-02 cnbc Mortgage rates jump back over 7% as inflation fears drive yields higher
2022-11-09 us-news Fire Safety Tips for Your Home
2022-10-14 realtor-com How to Buy a House in Your 20s - and Why You Really Should
2022-08-24 us-news What You Should Know About Tenant Rights

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US Business & Finance News

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2024-05-15 business-times Retail sales were unchanged in April from March as inflation and interest rates curb spend
2024-02-03 cnbc Nearly 1 in 5 eligible taxpayers don't claim this 'valuable credit,' IRS says
2024-02-02 the-spruce Jobs report shocker: 353,000 hires crush forecasts, stokes inflation fears
2024-01-18 cnbc 5 financial scams to watch out for in 2024
2023-11-28 the-spruce 2024 tax brackets: What you need to know for next year's tax season
2023-10-31 us-news US Consumers Feeling Slightly Less Confident in October for 3rd Straight Month
2023-10-21 cnbc Inflation is following an 'eerily similar' path as the one taken in 1966-1982
2023-10-09 usa-today Latest Stock market Update
2023-10-04 bloomberg Three Myths About the Bond Market
2023-07-18 cnbc Inflation is easing. What does that mean for your grocery bill?
2023-07-10 cnbc This is 'the end of the beginning' of the battle against inflation, economist says
2023-03-02 bloomberg Panama Breakthrough Adds to Good News for Copper Supplies
2020-11-12 credit-com Bankruptcy Stays on Your Credit 10 Years and Other Myths
2020-11-03 cnbc 5 opportunities to save on taxes - no matter who wins the election
2020-10-08 mortgage-news-daily Consumers Remain Confident About Job Prospects

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